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Equestrian Supplies

At Denne Country Stores we carry a huge stock of equestrian supplies - check out our ranges below. We also offer a variety of services, which means you don’t have to travel around. These include: Sizing / Fitting Riding Safety Wear, Clipper Servicing & Clipper Blade, Rug Washing & Reproofing, Horse Equipment Washing e.g Travel boots, duvets and girths, Rug Repairs, Tack Repairs and Garment Embroidery. For more information and prices of these services please see in store or contact us via phone or email.

Feed & Bedding

Denne Country Stores maintain a large stock of horse feed and bedding all conveniently located in the drive through feed barn which makes loading fast, clean and dry.

Riding Safety Wear

We stock a range of riding helmets and body protectors and all our staff are fully trained to ensure your helmet or body protector fits correctly.

Horse Rugs

The major brand we stock is Weatherbeeta, a top quality brand which includes turnout rugs, stable rugs, cotton sheets, fleeces, fly rugs, under rugs, wool rugs, foal rugs and exercise sheets.


We stock a range of Bates and Wintec Saddles. Both Bates and Wintec saddles feature both the CAIR® Cushion System and the EASY-CHANGE™ Fit Solution.

Tack & Riding Equipment

We stock a huge range of tack and equipment for both English and Western riding including stirrups & stirrup leathers, bridles, a wide variety of bits and a range of stunning browbands.

Horse Care, Grooming & Wormers

We stock a wide range of lotions and potions to care for every aspect of your equestrian life including: coat, hoof, first aid, tack, embrocating, seasonal products, grooming & wormers.

Clippers & Trimmers

We stock a wide variety of different types of clippers in store. We carry mains or battery operated and we also offer a range of trimmers, oil and spare blades. 

Stable & Field Equipment

From wheel barrows to hay racks, electric fencing to water troughs, we stock everything you need, also including a variety of salt lick holders and stable toys.