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At Denne Country Stores we stock a range of Bates and Wintec Saddles.

Both Bates and Wintec saddles feature both The CAIR® Cushion System and The EASY-CHANGE™ Fit Solution to ensure maximum comfort and perfect fit for you and your horse.

The CAIR® Cushion System replaces traditional fillings in your saddle with air cushions. CAIR® air cushion technology provides significant performance
advantages in the way it distributes the rider’s weight and cushions the horse’s back.

Your horse will show a marked improvement in its freedom of movement, expression and self carriage, as the CAIR® Cushion ensures its absolute comfort.

The EASY-CHANGE™ Fit Solution comprises of the EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet System and the EASY-CHANGE™ Riser System.

Together these systems offer a hugely adjustable system that’s not only easy, but measurable and completely reversible, giving total confidence in easily making changes to the saddle.

The EASY-CHANGE™ Fit Solution puts your horse’s comfort first. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your saddle offers full adjustability and is able to meet the changing needs of your horse.