Equestrian Supplies

Horse Rugs

The major brands we stock at Denne Country Stores are Mark Todd and Jumpers Horse Line.

Mark Todd is a top quality range of rugs which includes Turnout Rugs, Stable Rugs, Cotton Sheets, Fleeces, Fly Rugs, Under Rugs, Wool Rugs, Foal Rugs and Exercise Sheets.

They are fully adjustable with buckles and clips at the front of the rug to ensure a perfect fit. They include a very generous tail flap and a wither piece in the combo styles to provide extra room whilst your horse’s head is down allowing more freedom of movement. All rugs feature shoulder gussets, anti-rub lining at the shoulder and in the neck pieces and fleece protection at the withers and poll.
Mark Todd also have a pony range with all the features of their full size rugs but available from 4’3”-5’3”.

Jumpers Horse Line is a range of rugs made by the same company as the Mark Todd rugs. They are designed to be economical and are fantastic value for money. They are of a very similar design to Mark Todd and therefore are very adjustable and well fitting. The range includes Turnout Rugs, Stable Rugs, Cotton Sheets, Fleeces and Waffle Coolers.

Other brands we stock are Equitheme, IV Horse and Shires. We have access to many more brands that are available on request, including Premier Equine, so if there’s anything you need that we don’t have please just ask.

We also offer a rug cleaning and repairing service please see the Services page for more details.