Equestrian Supplies


At Denne Country Stores we have 2 qualified SQPs who are trained to be able to prescribe horse wormers*.

Worming horses is a complex subject and every horse is different so ensuring the right wormer is used at the correct time for each horse is vital. We stock a variety of major brands of wormers and one of our SQPs is always in store to prescribe the correct wormer for your horse.

We also sell weigh tapes which are strongly recommended to be used when worming horses so that you can be as accurate as possible when administering wormers.

Worm count kits are another type of worming product we sell. They are, if the situation is suitable, recommended to alleviate unnecessary worming of a healthy horse, which is not only good for your horses but also helps save some money!

*Our SQPs are also qualified to sell Dog and Cat parasite control. See our Pet pages for more details.