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Paddock, Garden and Yard

From wheel barrows and brooms to gates and fencing, we have a large stock of all you could need for your paddock, garden and yard.

Gates & Fencing

At Denne Country Stores we stock a range of timber and galvanised gates. We also have a huge selection of timber and wire fencing.

Wheel Barrows, Buckets & Toughs

We have a wide variety of wheel barrows in store. We also stock an extensive range of buckets and a selection of water troughs, both galvanised and plastic.


At Denne Country Stores we have a huge selection of ironmongery for stable and garden. We keep a range of hinges, catches, spring bolts, chains, hooks on plates, hooks and eyes, tie up rings, stall guard plates etc.

Brooms, Shovels & Forks

At Denne Country Stores we have an extensive range of all tools. We have corn brooms, yard brooms, stable brooms, flick brooms including those with natural bristles and plastic bristles.

Mangers, Nets, Rack & Bins

At Denne Country Stores we keep a variety of hay racks and mangers in stock. We stock both metal and plastic hay racks in both flat wall and corner versions. 

Pest Control Products

We keep an extensive range of rat and mouse poison in various forms and boxes and tubes to keep it safely away from anything you don’t want to eat it. 

Picnic Tables & Garden Swings

We have in store a selection of garden furniture including picnic tables, swinging seats, benches and bird tables.