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Pet Supplies

At Denne Country Stores we stock a massive selection of feed, bedding and accessories for your pets.

Dog & Cat Food & Treats

One of the largest areas of the store is dedicated to dog food. We also carry an assortment of different cat food including dry biscuits, tinned meat and pouched meat.

Small Animal Food

We stock a range of small animal food for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, fish and turtles!

Feeding & Drinking Equipment

We stock a wide range of dog and cat feeding bowls and dishes in materials such as stainless steel, ceramic and plastic. We also carry feeding mats and travel bottles.

Dog & Cat Beds

At Denne Country Stores we have available an assortment of dog and cat beds. These include mattresses, nests, crate mats, VetBed, pillows as well as plastic beds and a variety of different sized cages.

Litter & Bedding

Our cat litter brands include Catsan, Unipac and Pettex. Other bedding stocked consists of bags of straw or wood shavings, wood pulp, of which we also stock larger sizes, and shredded J cloth.

Hutches, Kennels & Runs

For those pets that live in the garden we stock a range of wooden hutches and runs. We also stock dog kennels in various different sizes.

Collars, Leads & Training Equipment

Our Range of collars and leads is varied and we stock a range of muzzles to fit all sizes. We also stock a variety of different training equipment to help correct behavioural issues.

Grooming Equipment

In store we hold a large selection of grooming tools for your pets. These include brushes, combs, shedding blades and trimmers.

Dog Coats

Whether it’s as a fashion statement or as a practical garment, at Denne Country Stores we stock a wide range of dog coats. 


We stock a huge range of toys including soft toys, rope toys, tennis balls, squeaky toys, Frisbees, Kongs, rubber toys and canvas toys. 

Parasite Control

We are a stockist of Frontline Cat and Dog Flea and Tick Control, Drontal Plus Wormer and Panacur paste and granules for times when more specific or strategic worming is necessary.