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Smallholding Feed and Care

We stock a large selection of feed and care products, as well as houses and accessories for your smallholding, from farm animals to poultry and pigeons.

Farm Animal Feed & Bedding

Denne Country Stores maintain a large stock of feed and bedding all conveniently located in the drive through feed barn which makes loading fast, clean and dry. 

Poultry Feed & Care

As keeping chickens has become so popular we now stock 9 different brands of poultry feed! Our range consists of basic farm quality feed, GM Free feed and Organic feed.

Pigeon Feed & Care

We stock a range of products for pigeons including feed, grit, mineral supplements, coxidosis treatments, pickstones, dandy nest bowls, nest felts and Verm-X wormer. 

Poultry Houses & Feeders

At Denne Country Stores we stock various sized poultry houses. We stock some with runs attached and some nest boxes. We also have a range of wire netting and timber.

Caged Bird Seed

At Denne Country Stores we have a selection of seed for a wide variety of caged birds. These include budgies, canaries, finches, parrots and parakeets. 

Wild Bird Seed, Feeders & Tables

We stock a wide variety of seeds suitable for wild birds. These include a mixed wild bird seed with aniseed, niger seed, peanuts, sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds.

Parasite Control

We stock a range of parasite control products for chickens, pigeons and caged birds. The poultry mite control products we stock are part of the Total Mite Kill range from Nettex.