Smallholding Feed & Care

Farm Animal Feeds

In our drive through feed barn we stock a wide range of farm animal feed.

Our range is varied and consists of pig feed, sheep feed and goat feed. We’ve even had ostrich feed in stock!

We also stock a range of llama and alpaca feeds from GWF Nutrition and Heygates as these are becoming increasingly popular animals to keep.

Along side the feed we also stock a range of mineral licks and blocks suitable for sheep, cattle, goats, alpacas and llamas as well as ewe’s milk replacer, colostrum and other farming accessories and equipment.

Our feed is all conveniently accessible in our drive through feed barn making loading quick and easy and enabling our customers (and staff!) to stay dry at the same time!

We have a wide selection of brands available to us including Dodson & Horrell, Heygates, Allen & Page SmallHolder and GWF Nutrition.